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Welcome to Computer Applications

If you turn in nothing else, make sure to do the Week 15 Assignment. It is worth 100 points!!!

Each week there will be assignments that are due by the end of the week. ALL ASSIGNMENTS FOR A WEEK ARE DUE BY THE LAST CLASS PERIOD FOR THAT WEEK. Late assignments are severely penalized.

Please DO NOT turn in next week's assignments ahead of time. Only turn in assignments for the current week.

When you complete most assignments, you will email it to me for grading. You can check your grade online.

At the end of most weeks there will be a short multiple choice quiz that you will take that is also worth 10 points. Please ONLY TAKE THE QUIZ ONCE! Only your first score will be accepted.

I encourage students to help each other on assignments, but DO NOT DO THE WORK FOR ANOTHER STUDENT or SHARE YOUR WORK (i.e. give your completed assignment to another student).

If you require help  - you can request help by emailing the instructor at [email protected] and use the subject line RHP Help. The instructor will get back to you as soon as possible.

2020 Calendar

Week Starting Monday Week Number
Jan 6 1
Jan 13 2
Jan 20 3
Jan 27 4
Feb 3 5
Feb 10 6
Feb 18 7
Feb 24 8
Mar 2 9
Mar 9 10
Mar 16 11
Mar 23 12
Mar 30 13
Apr 6 14
Apr 20 15
Apr 27 Make-up Week
May 4 Make-up Week
May 11-15 Final


Week Number

Week 1 1-1 Introduction to Computer Apps
1-2 Computer Apps Quiz
1-3 Web Email account - Sending Assignments
1-4 The Clipboard
1-5 Cloud Storage
1-6 Viewing File Extensions  
1-6A Worksheet for 1-6
Week 1 Online Quiz 

** NOTE ABOUT QUIZZES ** - You can use notes, past assignments, or help from the computer during the Quiz. You may not get help from other people. Your score will be emailed to the instructor automatically. The first score will be used, so it does you no good to repeat the test.

Week 2


2-1 Intro to Word for Windows

2-1A Worksheet

2-2 Selecting and Modifying Text

2-2A Sample Document for Assignment 2-2

2-2B Worksheet for Assignment 2-2

2-3 Text Aligning Options

2-4 Styles and the Undo Command

Week 2 Online Quiz
Week 3 3-1 Additional Options & Pull Down Menus
3-1A Sample Document
3-2 Paragraph Formatting
3-3 The Font Dialog
3-4 General Formatting
3-4A Sample Document
Week 3 Online Quiz
Week 4 4-1 Tabs vs. Tables
4-2 Tables I
4-3 Tables II
4-4 Designing Forms with Tables
Key for Week 4 (what your assignment should look like)
Week 4 Online Quiz

Week 5


5-1 Sections and Breaks
5-2 Sections and Breaks II
5-3 Sections and Fields
5-4 Headers and Footers
Key for Week 5 Assignment (what your assignment should look like)
Week 5 Online Quiz
Week 6 6-1 The Research Paper
6-2 Inserting Objects
6-3 Inserting Images
6-4 The Bibliography
Sample Week 6 Assignment (what your assignment should look like).
Week 6 Online Quiz
Week 7 7-1 Intro to Mail Merge
7-1A Data File
7-2 Mail Merge Continued
7-3 Mail Merge III
7-4 Mail Merge Finale
Week 7 Quiz
Week 8 8-1 Image Editing Basics
8-2 Shapes and SmartArt
8-3 Text Boxes
8-4 Making an Index
8-4 Sample Text
Week 8 Quiz
Week 9 9-1 Introduction to Templates
9-2 Templates II - The Resume`
9-2A Example of Resume`
9-3 Templates III - The Flyer
9-4 Templates IV - Calendars and Bookmarks
Week 9 Quiz
Week 10 10-1 Introduction to Excel
10-2 Simple Formulas and Formatting Data
10-3 Data Presentation and Simple Functions
10-4 Adding a Worksheet and ASCII Codes
Week 10 Quiz
Week 11 11-1 More Formulas and Internal Referencing
11-1A  Sample Data
11-2 Internal Referencing
11-3 Intro to Charting
11-4 Charting Skills and Sorting Data
Week 11 Quiz
Week 12 12-1 More Functions and Themes
12-1A Data File (for assignment 12-1)
12-2 The Pie Chart
12-3 Conditional Formatting
12-4 Using Excel Objects in Word
Week 12 Quiz
  Week 13 13-1 RWA - Calculating Rocket Fuel Consumption
13-2 RWA - Seismic Data Analysis
1999SD.xlsx - Data file for 13-2
13-3 Handling Large Files and Quick Analysis Tools
13-3A.xlsx (Sample Data File for 13-3)
13-4 Summary Tab and the COUNTIF function
Week 13 Quiz
Week 14 14-1 Intro to Powerpoint
14-2 Intro to PowerPoint II
14-3 PowerPoint Part III
The Sneeze Video
14-4 PowerPoint Part IV
Week 14 Quiz
Week 15 15-1 Final Prep I
     15-1B Photo.jpg
15-2 Final Prep II
15-3 Final Prep III
     15-3 Example
15-4 Final Prep IV
     15-4 Example.pdf
     15-4 Photo.jpg
Weeks 16-17 If you have turned in all of your assignments, you may use the period as a study hall. If you are missing any assignments, now is the time to turn them in.


Final Link

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Test Out Information Test Out Links (Read instructions below!)

The test-out tests are administered over three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). The first day is a basic knowledge quiz. Days 2 and 3 involve the creation of a Word and Excel document.


If you receive a 90% or higher grade in each section, you will receive an 'A' as your final grade for the course.



You CANNOT get help from another student during this quiz, but you CAN search online (Google) or go to the applications (Word, Excel, etc) for answers if you need to. Just make sure you finish on time. Good luck!


Day 1 (Tuesday) Multiple Choice Test


(Type in your Full Name and email address at the top)

(Results will be emailed to you by tomorrow morning.)


Day 2 Instructions (Wednesday)

Day 2 Document (Example file to reproduce)

Day 2 Graphics for assignment (cut and paste)



Day 3 Instructions (Thursday)

Day 3 Document (Example with all five pages)


Mr. Phil Horton Contact Information
email: [email protected]